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Fall Results!

Congratulations to AFC Trakker!

and his owner Joe Coady!

Trakker took 1st place on 9/14/14 in the Northern Minnesota Amateur Stake and took 1st Place in the North Dakota Amateur Stake THE FOLLWING WEEKEND!


Not to be outdone!

Congratulations to FC Lilith!

Lilith is our 73rd Field Trial Champion! She placed 3rd on 9/27/14 at the Central Wisconsin Sporting Spaniel Club in a 33 dog stake and 2nd on 9/27/14 in North Dakota in a 38 dog stake.

Congratulations to Byron Swanson!


And Congratulations to Lani!

On her 1st place in North Dakota (38 dog stake) on September 27, 2014 and to owners John Bishop and Susan Takemoto! By the way, both John and Susan are dentists and they recommend you give your spaniel a raw carrot every day to keep plaque from forming on your dog's teeth!

(You heard it first at Glencoekennels.net!)

And Congratulations to Ever and Bob Beauchamp!

On 9/14/2014 they took 2nd place at the Timpanogos Amateur Stake!



who took a 2nd place at his 1st field trial on September 13th, 2014 in Wisconsin!

Congrats to Moxie and Cheryl Dooley!

On 9/28/2014 Moxie placed 2nd at the North Dakota Amateur Cocker Stake!

Congratulations to Jeff Squire and Tre!

on their 3rd place ribbon taken on 9/28/2014 in the Amateur state at the Rocky Mountain Springer Trial!


Congratulations to RJ!

and Joe Coady on their 3rd place in the North Dakota Amateur Championship (Joe also took 1st that day with Trakker)!


and to


who took a 4th place at the Central Wisconsin Sporting Spaniel Club on September 13, 2014.


Spring Finals

We are proud to announce FC Warrener's Tui has earned her championship title at the Timpanogos Field Trial at Salt Lake City. As our 72nd FC, she is distinguished as our first "black and white" springer champion!

And congratulations to Olivia Steele-Mortimer for taking both a 1st and 2nd place at the Montana Cocker Trial on April 12th and a 3rd with Dash on April 13th. (Photo of Dash above)

And to Sue Wilson for both her 3rd place in Colorado and 2nd place in Montana. (Photo of Quinn below)


March Reviewed!

Congratulations to Lilith and owner Byron Swanson for her 1st and 3rd Placements at Los Banos!

Mike Delaney holding Lilith

Congratulations to our own Mike Delaney and his Sizzle for their dual 4th's!

Sizzle in California(Photo by Donna Hall)

A blast from 2010

Photo of Vicky, Paul and Mike at the2010

Springer National Championship in

Pescadero, California

Congratulations and Welcome

Home to DOC!

Buccleuch Elam "Doc" won 1st place on February 15th at the Arrowhead Springer Spaniel Trial held in Fallon Nevada...just before flying back to his owner, Mike Wintersteen, in Pennsylvania on March 6th!



Congratulations to Ever!

on her "Field Championship" title taking 1st at the Stockton English Springer Spaniel Training Club's trial held at Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, Sutter Buttes on February 28th. She is Glencoe's 71st FC!
And to her owner, Bob Beauchamp, for taking 2nd place the following day during the Amateur Stake held by Tamarin!

Note: the water test was completed 4/11/14.


and to Tre!

and Jeff Squires on their 4th place in the Amatuer Stake in Fallon, Nevada!


and proudly to our own Kizzy!

who at age 10 years 10 months qualified for her 9th CONSEcUTIVE Springer National Championship by taking a 3rd at Fallon Nevada, a 3rd at the Stockton trial (her daughter took 1st) and a 2nd at the Tamarin Trial.


and Tui (photo pending) for her 1st place on March 2nd at the Tamarin Trial.



Winter 2013!






Congratulations to NFC Nel's Champagne Lady "Diva" owner Jim Nelson, handler Paul McGagh for winning the 2013 Springer National Open Championship on December 12th, 2013 in Cambridge, Maryland!

Photo courtesy of Kim Kuhlman from the 2013 National Open Championship (http://www.kimkuhlman.com)



Warrener's Pacific Golden Plover "Violet" for taking 3rd Place at the NOC.




Congratulations to NFC Warrener's Ruby-throated Hummingbird "Pearl" owner/handler Dave Williams for winning the 2013 Cocker National Championship and Gun's Award on October 26, 2013 in Bismarck, North Dakota!

Photo taken at the 2008 Cocker National Championship in Montana.


plus Congratulations to


Warrener's Common Nighthawk "Ty" and owners Ron and Donna Hall for their 3rd Place award at the 2013 National Cocker Championship!


and our own

Warrener's Great Crested Flycatcher "Snickett" for her 4th Place award (marking her 3rd time placing in a National Championship--always a bridesmaid!)



his Certificate of Merit

2012 NFC FC Warrener’s Chuck-Wills Widow  "Cairo"
Owner/Handler Deb Strohl


and Winridge's Thunderstrom "Pete"

If you'd like to see a short video clip of the 2013 Cocker National Championship featured by The Bismarck Tribune, click below for link.



The Following Dogs entered in the 2013 North Dakota Cocker National were trained or bred by Glencoe Kennels:

Warrener's Ruby Throated Hummingbird-Pearl

O/H Dave Williams

Warrener's Craveri's Murelet-Annie
O/H Robert Griffin
Warrener's Acadian Flycatcher-Hobbs
O/H Terry Lewis
Corazon Beau-Beau

O: Vicky Thomas H: Paul McGagh
Winridge's Thunderstorm-Pete
O: Vicky Thomas H: Paul McGagh
Skalkahos Fiery Brown-Dash

O/ H: Olivia Steele-Mortimer

Winridge's Jethro
O/ H: Dennis Joannides
Quailmoor Quehtam-Lilith
O: Bryon Swanson H: Paul McGagh
Warrener's Common Nighthawk-Ty
O: Ron & Donna Hall H: Paul McGagh
Cross and Crescent Abby-Abby
O: Dick & Diana Holland H: Mike Delaney
Warrener's Whip Poor Will-Troy
O: Richard Whelan H: Paul McGagh
Warrener's Chuck-Wills Widow-Cairo
O/H Deb Strohl
Warrener's Great Crested Flycatcher-Snickett
O: Vicky Thomas H: Paul McGagh
Warrener's Cliff Swallow
O: Vicky Thomas H: Jeff Janousek

Family Photo
NFC Cairo, FC CFC Sydney (mother of Cairo, Ty & Troy), FC Ty, FC AFC Troy and Sire: FC Beau


WE FINISHED IT! (Three years later!)



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We specialize in training Spaniels, both English Cockers and English Springers. Our farms are located in Bismarck North Dakota and during the winter months we move to Lockwood Valley, California where we find the weather milder! Many people ask us what is the difference between Cockers and Springers. Our answer is a quote from Keith Erlandson, "The Springer is like a great foot soldier. He will do what he is told to do by his commander. The Cocker is more like a sharp shooter. He thinks he is smarter than his boss and can do a better job by himself!"


The Cockers make you laugh. They are enthusiastic about everything and everyone. The Springers are a bit more reserved. But, don't be fooled by the smaller size of the Cocker. Both make great gun dogs! The Cocker may quarter a slightly smaller pattern than the Springer in an open field. And, in tighter cover, the Springer is capable of working close. We regularly expect both breeds to be able to mark and retreive 50 yards or more, in water or out.


Please read more about us by looking at the information written about "The Farm" and "Our Statistics" or "List of Champions" . For detailed information you might like to look at the Recent Results which lists the placements back to 1993. Finally, we hope you enjoy the section "Our Dogs". If you are not familiar with us or field trials, you might also enjoy the story about the 39th Canadian National.


Finally, thank you to all of our friends and clients that have supported Glencoe Farm and Kennels all these years!




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