List of Champions

Total Championship Titles 83 (11/4/2017)

Cocker Champions: Total of 48
FC Aikane Hokulani (2/21/2015) Lani
FC Bryor Oaks Brunnera (10/7/2016) Brody
FC Calgary of Toluca Fudgy
NFC/ENFC/AFC Chyknell Megan Megan
NFC/FC Chyknell Red Kite Midge
FC Corazon Beau Beau
FC Corazon Chyknell Cookie Cookie
FC Corazon Chyknell Rica Rica
FC Crookhill Nugget Nugget
NFC/FC Darag Caol Shraid Marshen Freckles
FC Deanbank Maggie Kate Maggie
NFC/FC Diana Floss of Windmillwood Millie
FC Fallen Wings Witney Morgan Morgan
FC/EFC Findlay’s Flyer Merrin
FC Griffin’s Pride Rocky Rocky
FC Kenyee Donna of Windmillwood Meg
FC Kirkstall Dabchick Cracker
FC Lockridge Warrener’s Shiva (10/10/15) Shiva
FC Nancarrow Rosy Mantle Brit
FC Norbeck Arfer Mole Barney
FC Oahe Contessa Blaze Tess
FC/AFC Oak Alley Golden Plover Monty
FC Oak Alley Kestrel Speck
FC Oak Alley Snowy Egret Natchez
FC Parkbreck Moorhen Lucy
FC Phantomwood’s OMO Bodi Bodi
FC Quailmoor Quehtam (9/27/2014) Lilith
FC Raintree Off the Deep End Splash
FC Raintree Warrener’s Zoe Zoe
FC Ruby Rubster Warrener Ruby
FC Toluca’s Eden P-Nut Eden
FC Warrener’s Acadian Flycatcher Hobbs
FC Warrener’s Blackbird Cinders
FC/CNFC Warrener’s California Quail Storm
NFC Warrener’s Chuck-Will’s-Widow Cairo
FC Warrener’s Cliff Swallow Spook
FC Warrener’s Common Nighthawk Ty
FC Warrener’s Great Crested Hummingbird Snickett
FC Warrener’s Green Kingfisher Lizzy
FC Warrener’s Mistle Thrush Porter
FC Warrener’s Peregrin Flacon (10/3/2015) Kase
FC Warrener’s Song Thrush Gypsy
FC Warrener’s Tullinadaly (11-4-17) Tully
FC Warrener’s Western Sandpiper Ritz
FC Warrener’s Yellowhammer Sydney
FC Wind Whistle M. Vida Vida
FC Winridge’s Thunder Storm Pete
FC Wind Whistle Padraig Paddy
Springer FC Total of 11
FC Rytex Relie Amy
FC Warrener’s Jenny Wren (12/9/2013) Charley
FC Woodstorm Snow Viper Comet
FC Nel’s Champaign Lady Diva
FC Meadow Ranch Forever (2/28/2014) Ever
FC Rosebay Clover Kizzy
FC Clarburgh Eclipse of Ladecourt Taff
FC Rytex Redundant Tina
FC Warrener’s Tui Tui
FC Warrener’s Pacific Golden Plover Violet
FC Warrener’s Sammy (2/17/2017) Pending Water Test Sammy
Springer AFC Champions Total of 5
AFC Rosebay Clover Kizzy
AFC Rytex Redundant Tina
AFC Warrener’s Tui (3/29/2015) Tui
AFC Woodstorm Rose Twix
AFC Woodstorm Snow Viper Comet
Client Handled Champions
(not included in total count above)
Total of 2
AFC (US) Warrener’s Blue Winged Teal-Richard Wheland Teal
AFC (US) Harvestmoon’s Trakker-Joe Coady 9/21/2014 Trakker
Canadian Champions Total of 10
CFC Clarburgh Eclipse of Ladecourt Taff
CFC (Pending Water) Meadow Ranch Forever (8/25/2017) Ever
CFC Rosebay Clover Kizzy
CFC Rytex Redundant Tina
CFC Woodstorm Rose Twix
CFC Woodstorm Snow Viper Comet
CFC Warrener’s California Quail Storm
CFC (Pending Water) Warrener’s Tullinadaly (8/25/2017) Tully
CFC Warrener’s Wilson’s Plover Mae
CFC Warrener’s Yellowhammer Sydney
National Championships Total of 9
NFC Darag Caol Shraid Marshen (2000) Freckles
NFC Chyknell Megan (2003) Megan
CNFC Warrener’s California Quail (2005) Storm
NFC Diana Floss of Windmillwood (2005) Millie
CNFC Warrener’s Wilson’s Plover (2010) Mae
NFC Harvest Moon’s Cinnamon Girl (2011) Judy
NFC Warrener’s Chuck-Will’s-Widow (2012) Cairo
NFC Nel’s Champagne Lady (2013) Diva
NFC Aikane Hokulani (2015) Lani