(Pricing as of 10/1/2017)

We have very few litters per year (1 in 2013).

When we are talking to prospective puppy owners, we do give those that are going to ask us to train and compete in field trials or hunt tests our top priority. But people who love to hunt and will offer a great home are always welcome.

Generally we price our puppies depending upon the titles their parents have earned, Therefore, if neither parent has a Field Trial Championship, the puppy prices start at $1,400.00. All prices are plus shipping and are subject to change.


Sire Dam Price
No Title No Title $1,200.00
Title No Title $1,350.00
No Title Title $1,350.00
Title Title $1,500.00
NFC No Title $2,000.00
No Title NFC $2,000.00
NFC Title $2,000.00
Title NFC $2,000.00
NFC NFC $2,500.00


Occasionally there will be an additional $200.00 for females.


Stud fees follow the same general policy.


Training Charges


We limit the number of dogs admitted into our training program to 12. Every dog is guaranteed attention. When we are attending Field Trials, Mike Delaney will be working your dog.


We currently charge $1,000.00 per month for training, which is prorated depending on when your dog arrives or leaves. We also charge $60.00 for each time the vet visits and sees your dog. All birds are included.


If we have a puppy that is too young for birds, we charge $600.00 per month plus vet visits.


Travel costs run $125.00 per trial day.


Trained Dogs For Sale


In the course of training each year, we have field trial “wash outs” which make wonderful dogs for the amateur or serious hunter. They can run anywhere from $1,500.00 for a started pup to $5,000.00 for a field trial prospect.


And, we have “retiring” dogs that would love a great “hunting home” so they can spend their senior years living the life they richly deserved. It’s a great trade-off for someone that would love a truly well trained dog, often a Field Trial Champion at a price that will reflect their age and remaining years they will still be viable gun dogs. These dogs can run anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on their age. And be prepared to under go a serious interviewing process!