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2015- Named as the AKC Breeder of the year.


2013 Results


We placed 1st 11 times, 2nd Place 6 times, 3rd Place 8 times, 4th Place 9 times plus 4 CM’s at National Championships and one Gun’s Award at the US Springer Open Championship. This totals 108 Total points for the year. Vicky was the recipient of the LASHA Award for 2013 for the high point female handler.

 Diva! Diva! Diva! Without a doubt the highlight of the year goes to US Open National Champion Nel’s Champagne Lady, “Diva” owned by Jim Nelson of Arizona. This marks the 8th National Championship Paul has won.


And, congratulations to 3rd place Ty at the Cocker National held in Bismarck North Dakota. Our own Snickett (below) finished 4th.


And, congratulations to Vicky for winning the 2013 High Point LASHA award with Twix!x.

2012 Results

The highlight of 2012 was winning the Cocker National Championship with Sydney/Beau’s pup Cairo owned by Deb Strohl. It was a memorable National Championship held in Vermont just a few days before Super Storm Sandy came ashore. We’ve joked that our Sandy, who finished the trial, was angry at not taking a placement!

Paul and Cairo in 2012.

We made three new Field Trial Champions during 2012, two cockers: Cairo and Pete and one springer, Amy. During 2012 we won 13 trials, placed 2nd sixteen times, 3rd twelve times, 4th twelve times and won the guns award 4 times for a total of 156 points. Note: Corazon Beau has sired 2 National Champions!

Congratulations to Paul and Judy for winning the 2011 US Open Championship!

and to:

Comet (4th Place) and Violet (CM)!

Previous years:

Megan, Millie and Sydney

2010 Results

The Canadian National was a “Glencoe Highlight” for 2010. We qualified and entered 8 dogs in the Canadian National that was held near Calgary. Paul handled all the dogs. Violet went out on a failed retrieve in the 3rd series and Tina did not get called back to the 5th. During the 5th series, we lost Amy on a wounded bird. The remaining 5 dogs completed the 5th and water series. We took 1st with Mae, 3rd with Comet, 4th with Kizzy, a CM with Beau (Cocker) and a certificate of completion with Storm.

Mae qualified to enter the Canadian National at the Winnipeg trial held in June. She was handled by Sue Wilson.

Our thanks to Terry Lewis for all of his help at this National Championship as well as the Cocker National.

An early highlight for 2010 was in Southern California. At 10 years old Warrener’s Yellowhammer “Sydney” entered the field trial held at Lockwood Valley. She came in 2nd place to Corazon Beau “Beau”.

The previous week Vicky entered the first Amateur National Championship ever held in Canadia with our two qualified dogs, Tina and Beau. Beau went out in the 4th series. Tina took 4th place.

October we travelled to Ohio to compete in the Cocker National Championship which had an entry of 69 dogs. Paul entered and ran 7 dogs, 4 completed the event. They were Quinn (owned by Sue & Alan Wilson), Spydie (owned by Olivia Steele-Mortimer), Brown Bette (owned by Harold Bixby), and our Snicket. Vicky entered Sandy and took 3rd place plus the Gun’s Award. Of the 69 dogs entering the event 17 dogs were bred/trained by Glencoe Kennels(25% of the total field); 9 handled by their owners. Of the 21 dogs called back to the 5th series, 9 of them (45%) were related to Glencoe.


And, in December Vicky entered the Springer Amateur Championship and took 3rd with Kizzy. Kizzy has now taken a placement in 4 National Championship stakes.


Comet took a 3rd in the Springer National Open Championship held in Kansas.


Paul was awarded the Harold Bixby award at the Cocker National Championship held in Montana. Kizzy competed in the Springer National Open Championship held near Minnesota against 165 dogs and took 3rd place and the Gun’s Award.


In 2005 we placed fifteen different dogs in different field trials:



On September 25th,Paul championed Harold Bixby’s class bitch Windwhistle-M Vida “Vida”. Vida was out of Harold Bixby’s FC Diana Floss of Windmillwood “Millie”. Vida had tremendous drive and gamefinding ability, although was no where near as biddable as her mother!

Sue Wilson’s Middletowns’ Toluca Lake Ambre “Amber” placed consistently throughout her trialing career, but didn’t take a first place to champion. She was a totally honest bitch, but like her dam, FC Warrener’s Ruby Rubster “Ruby”, she lacked a little flash. Both Amber and Ruby were a delight to train.

Warrener’s Yellowhammer “Sydney”, who will always be one of my favorite spaniels of all time, earned the High Point Cocker in 2005. She had taken a second place in her first trial at fourteen months old losing to Harold Bixby’s FC Diana Floss of Windmillwood “Millie”. The date was September 11, 2001, the day the planes went into the World Trade Center.

Joe Dailey’s stylish black bitch Prariewoods Moonbeam “Zoe” took a couple of placements with Paull running her during 2005. She really started coming into her own this year.

And, A.R. Ginn’s seventeen month old bitch Corazon Chyknell Oak Cookie “Cookie” took a couple of first placements to finish her championship with Paul handling her.


Even though we had been focused on cockers for quite a while, I had been casting around looking for a springer. Ian Openshaw had telephoned from England regarding a young springer spaniel that belonged to Steve Jones called Clarburgh Eclipse of Ladecourt “Taff”. “Taff” was a younger brother of “Clarburgh Art” who subsequently became the all time high point producing sire in the United Kingdom, surpassing his father “Kennine Rob”. I had previously aquired a young springer earlier that year while in the UK named Kenzed Earl “Kesh”. So, I decided to add “Taff” too.

Ian’s predictions about “Taff” had been correct and Taff won the first trial of 2004 on January 31st hosted by the Southern California Springer Spaniel Club.

Kesh, a small black and white springer is very different to Taff in statue and temperment. Kesh won the Gun’s Award at the Canadian National Championship in 2004 hosted by the Saskatchewan Club.

Mike Delaney won the Nebraska Field Trial on March 26th with A.R. and Ollie Ginn’s lovely little bitch Maggie and he placed Alan and Sue Wilson’s Amber 2nd in Maine and 4th in Wisconsin.

John and Leslie (Williams) Holland’s dog “Bodi” earned his Championship in Minnesota on May 2nd, 2004.

On October 31st, Paul took 2nd place at the Cocker National Championship held in New York with Harold Bixby’s outstanding bitch “Millie“.

In 2004 we had eleven different dogs place in trials: Taff, Maggie, Sydney, Storm, Bodi, Kesh, Amber, Fredi, Paddy, Kim, & Millie.

Four new Field Champions:





2003 Results

In 2003, Paul McGagh was awarded “High Point Professional Handler”. Paul entered 23 open all age stakes running under 46 different judges. He won 19 trials and placed second 6 times. (One second place was to Vicky running Merrin).

Vicky Thomas was awarded the Harold Bixby Award at the 2003 National Championship.

NFC/ENFC Chynell Megan (Megan): 2003 Cocker National Champion. The first Spaniel ever (Springer or Cocker) to win both the English National Championship (January 2003) and American National Cocker Championship (November 1, 2003).

FC Diana Floss of Windmillwood (Millie): 2003 Cocker National 3rd Place.

FC Warrener’s Yellowhammer (Sydney): 2003 High Point Dog earning 35 Points. Sydney won 6 open stakes in 2003.

Warrener’s California Quail (Storm) won his first open all age stake at the age of 1 year, 1 day.

Four new Field Champions:





The following amateur handlers entered dogs that we trained in 2000-2003 Open Stakes:

Harold Bixby

Bob Crawford

Tawney Crawford

Dick Dixon

A.R. Ginn, Jr.

Ollie Ginn

John Holland

Jack Jones

Perry Meske

Missy Meske

Steve Saramento

Leslie Williams

Alan Wilson

Sue Wilson


2002 Results

Qualified and entered 22 dogs in the 2002 National Cocker Championship.

Placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at the 2002 National Cocker Championship

Took two Certificates of Merit at the 2002 National Cocker Championship

Entered 15 open All age stakes

Three first placements

Seven second placements

Nine third placements

Five fourth placements

One new Field Champion: Sydney


We were founding members of the Southern California Sporting Spaniel Club along with Sue and Alan Wilson.


2001 Results
2001 High Point dog – FC Meg with 46 total points (most ever in a single year)

High Point Professional Handler

Entered 20 Open All Age Stakes

Twelve first placements

Twelve second placements

Three third placements

Eight fourth placements

Four new Field Champions





2000 and Earlier Results

Qualified 22 dogs for the 2000 Cocker National Championship and entered 17.

Placed first, second and fourth at the 2000 Cocker National Championship. Also, received The Guns Award and a Certificate of Merit.

Named High Point Handler in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2000.

Qualified 15 dogs for the 1998 Cocker National Championship.

Placed second and fourth at the 1998 Cocker National Championship with Freckles and Rocky.

Vicky Thomas chaired the 1st Cocker National Championship in 1998.

Paul McGagh won the first Cocker Field Trial in 1993 with Lucy.