In the House

In the Yard

Basic Hup and Stay- Vicky Intro to box outside
Basic Hup and Stay- Paul Place and Stay Commands
Introduction to Hallway Retrieves/Blinds Introduction to Heel
Double Retrieves
Introduction to Double Boxes and “Hold Command”
Advance Retrieving with two boxes

Articles (Featuring Glencoe):

Springer Articles

Article Written by Keith Erlandson in 1998 Clarburgh Eclipse of Ladecourt “Taff”
Article written by Keith Erlandson in 2000 Rytex Redundant “Tina”
The Rebirth of the US English Cockers by V Thomas (circa 2000)
2002 Maine Cocker National Championship in AKC Gazette
 2003 Nebraska Newspaper2003 Nebraska National Newspaper Clipping


2004 Purina Article “Calling All Cockers” Texas
2013 Cocker National Championship, Purina Today’s Skunk Antidote
2014 Purina Article “Troy” AKC Letter
2007 Gun Dog Article on “Honoring” The Gerhleins (Hawking Clients)

Our Cockers, 1st Generation:

2012 Article by Paul McGagh on Parkbreck Moorhen Lucy
FC Nancarrow Rosy Mantle, Brit

Cockers 2nd Generation (Brit):

Cocker History Material

NFC FC Dareg Caol Shraid Marshen, Freckles  Rocky Mountain Catalog 2003 (Pending)
FC Griffins Pride Rocky, Rocky (large document) Keith Erlandson Letter circa 2000
Warrener’s Ruby Rubster “Ruby” Sports Illustrated (Pending)
FC Oak Alley Snowy Egret, Natchez Proposal for the 1998 Cocker National published in Spaniels In The Field, 1997
2013 British Cocker National Championship

2nd Generation (Lucy):

 Cult of the Cocker, Shooting Times 2013
FC Warrener’s Blackbird “Cinders”  The American Field 1956 (Page 1)
Warrener’s Mistle Thrush “Porter”  The American Field 1956 (page 2)
FC Warrener’s Song Thrush “Gypsy”
 Warrener’s Cliff Swallow, Spook (A journal written by Jeff Janousek, photos by Carole Janousek)

Springer History Material
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 FC Phantomwoods Omo Bodi “Bodi”
NFC Diana Floss of Windmillwood, Millie

3rd Generation

Aikane Hokulani “Lani” by John Bishop
Aikane Hokulani “Lani” 2015 NCC Notes
Aikane Hokulani “Lani” background Notes